Saturday, April 3, 2010

What?! Easter?!

Just when I think that I have this whole super mom thing down pat...I go and forget Easter. Oh, not the baskets, don't worry I filled both girls up with yummy candy and some treats. But I forgot all about the baking I was going to do with Linley. And the egg dying. And the crafts. Darn it, I was beginning to recover from feeling horrible about not doing all of the above at Christmas and BAM, here's Easter. I made it up to Linley by taking her to an Egg Hunt along with 1500 of my dearest and closest Loganvillians. She was happy and I took lots of pics to ensure that someday, when she is 15 and arguing about my adoration of her, I will have concrete and physical proof that I did indeed, celebrate holidays and shower her with loving attention. The good news is that my mom did not forget Easter was upon us and finished sewing the most beautiful Easter dresses for my girls. (Pics to come tomorrow)

We have been well and happy here. I like to joke tha Leukemia only "visits" on Mondays, when we are at the clinic, and in the evenings for the 30 minutes it takes to wrangle medications into Piper. All other times of the day we are normal. Her hair is quite fuzzy, albeit fair so you cannot see unless you are kissing it. She now has eyebrows (yay!) and eyelashes and looks less and less like a patient and more and more like the sweet healthy baby that she is. She will be crawling any day now I am certain. She prefers to be pulling herself to standing but has begun to realize that she can "scootch" a little and get to those amazing things just out of her reach. Piper easily goes from sitting to all fours and back again, although by the amount of arm waving she does she may very well just fly away. She loves to give me only. And is beginning to wave bye-bye. Piper eats like a champ and we found out that she had gained an entire lb in the week since her last visit. She is now 15.2 and FINALLY out of the 3-6 month clothes and into 6-9...Hallelujah!

Life is good and we look forward to celebrating Easter tomorrow as a family of 4. As a Christian, this day is the cornerstone of my faith. Jesus, crucified so that I can be forgiven. And rising from the dead to envelope us in His love and hope. I have found God to be both much more simple and at the same time much more complex than ever before, but the basic truth is His love is enough. His forgiveness and the hope that it brings are just wonderful icing on the cake.

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