Monday, April 19, 2010

New Hair 'Do

I am realizing that I post a lot of hair posts here on my blog. Interesting, since I find myself in a hat many days...must to the chagrin of my 5 year old. ( "Mommy, I'm sorry to say this to you but I don't like your hat. Why don't you have time to wash your hair in the mornings?") But Linley has been asking for curly hair and I for one, grew up in the 80's when many a pretty face was taken over by overzealous perms and I am. not. going. there. So I did for Linley a take-off on what my own mother used to do to mine and Hannahs (very fine, thin, boring) hair. After washing it, I used some spray gel and did itsy bitsy little braids all over her head. Linley took her sweet self to bed and woke in the morning very, very excited to see what her curly hair would look like. We took all those braids out and as you can see...she had that curly hair she so desired. I was pleasantly pleased that it turned out as well as it did. And Linley felt quite the queen walking into preschool that morning. Can I tell you yet again just how much I love this kid?


  1. She makes me smile! Lovin' the curls :)

  2. Can we tell you yet again how much we love you and your family?!?!?!? Can't wait until we can see you again! Miss you and praying for you!!
    Love, Heather