Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update time.

I am behind on updates. I know this because many of you have asked me questions about things that I asked for prayer for and I mentally go "whoops...I have got to update people on that". First off, we got the apartment! I never thought I would be so very excited about something! And we are...although one can not entirely imagine the size of 730 sq ft until they are in that apartment measuring and checking to see what all HAS to move with us and what more we can sell off. But it will be OUR 730 sq ft and we are thrilled! We get the keys the 5th of May but wont be actually moving in until that weekend because...

The week of May 3-7 Chad will have his finals and Piper has 5 consecutive days of chemo. We are supposed to be inpatient but Dr. B said that we could do it outpatient if we wanted to. I wanted to. Being inpatient is mentally and physically exhausting at best, outpatient means that we all sleep in our own beds and I get to spend the evenings with my family. Of course, it also means that I have to be in Atlanta at 8am and will be busy with 3 types of chemo for 7 hrs...hopefully we will be out of there before rush hour and home for dinner.

Linley will be finishing up Pre-K this month and we will spend the summer doing many fun things before Chad and I send her off to the private christian school that she was accepted to. I am excited, as she is, about going to "big school" but I am apprehensive as well. I so often feel that I spend so little time with her (apart from doing her hair so often, apparently) that the thought of being away from her even more is a little frightening. I am praying fervently that her teachers have extra sensitivity to Linley, especially during the times that I am gone with Piper.

Like I mentioned, Chad is prepping for finals the first week of May. He does not plan to go to Maymester so we will have a whole month to spend as a family adjusting to having our own home and recuperating from Pipers chemo. Beginning in June he will be taking one class (and hopefully working) and in the fall he is signed up for 15 hrs...Life will once again become busy. Being the wife of a student is very lonely at times. I know that Chad is working hard for this families future, but I miss him. Thankfully, I am married to a man who doesn't mind being a partner. He changes diapers as fast as me, (although he uses enough wipes for triplets) he reads bedtime stories with funny voices and honestly, if Linley wants extra cuddle time she knows that Daddy would be the likely candidate.

So I think that is all the updating I have for you. Piper has her weekly chemo push and counts checked tomorrow at the clinic. And Linley and I are packing to head to New Hampshire for 4 days to visit with my sister and her husband. I think it will be a much needed mommy/Linley time and I am leaving Piper is very capable hands between my mom and Chad. Life almost seems like it is moving forward or something... :)

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  1. So glad to hear an update! It seems almost "normal"! :) Oh, and tell Chad, I use enough wipes for triplets too :)