Sunday, May 2, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

Want to know a secret? This mommy does not like to fly. I have been flying since I was 2 and flying solo since about 1o, but I do. not. like. it. (To be honest, its only the take off that makes me green...the rest I do fine on) I do, however, like my sister very very much. Sadly, she lives in New Hampshire and the only thing I consistently dislike more than flying is my 5 year old whining in the car for 24 plus hours. So, we flew to New Hampshire. By way of Boston to be exact...which is now one of my favorite places. More on that later.

Usually on my take off I put on some headphones and read a magazine and fade off into my happy place. This was Linleys first plane ride though and I thought it bad mothering to fade out with her so excitedly peeking out the window and asking a million questions. She was so very delightful that I almost, almost felt normal during take off. The clouds enthralled her, the stewardess were enthralled WITH her, the free headphones were a huge hit and she especially liked the "Airplane only" rule that allowed her to order a coca-cola.

During our layover in Baltimore we explored and colored and watched other families and imagined where their plane was going. My Linley has a very active imagination, or maybe it was that thrilling coca-cola...either way she was wonderfully animated while people watching and new friend visiting. We made it to Boston about 830pm and saw that very special CoeCoe. Linley and my sister have a very tight bond. Thankfully, Hannah's husband is also semi-cool and was happy to have us for 4 days. I mainly was happy that I made my first flight with one of my children and she never even noticed that mommy was greenish yellow.

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