Friday, May 14, 2010

ER Visit

Piper's ANC has bottomed out. When her counts bottome out her immune system can not fight off infection or viruses. This is normal after geting chemo for a week straight last week, but we have been really lucky that she has not gotten sick before. Because she can not fight off "sickness", she can get really sick.
Last night around dinner time Piper felt really warm. She had a temperature of 101. It went down to 99, then came back up to 101. So here we are at 130 in the morning on our 3rd hour in the ER at Scotish Rite. She probably has a virus that her sister had two nights ago. When Linley gets sick we have to seperate them, but in a small apartment there is onyl so much we can do. We are here tonight, and probably the next, but hopefully she will start feeling better adn as long as her fever breaks we should be able to go home.
While I type this, Piper is wide awake playing with the bottle, sometimes crying because she is exhausted and can not sleep very long because someone is always coming in to do something.
We are still looking forward to getting away to the beach next week and until told otherwise that is what we are planning on. I am fairly confident that Piper will be feeling better in a day or two and Monday morning we will be on our way to Daytona.



  1. Whew, what a busy week for you all. We are praying for the fever to go down and her counts to rise quickly. If Linley would like a break from the hospital I know Riah would love to see her, we can swing by. We love you guys!

  2. And i really want to hug susanna's neck :)mj

  3. Hope that fever has come down, and Piper is feeling all better. The Beach sounds like fun for all of you, so I will pray for safe travels and a wonderful,uneventful time of FUN In the SUN for you all.
    Judy Bargainnier