Sunday, May 2, 2010

On the road again

After the fun that was south Boston and the Children's Museum of Science, we were understandably exhausted on Saturday. So we slept in and found lunch at a park. I found some beautiful scarfs and took some beautiful pictures of my daughter and off we went to the airport. Not without getting lost in south Boston again of course. I swear we had a homing device between us and there. Not to be outdone by South Boston, Cambridge also had us turned around and yes if you look on a map neither one is anywhere near the airport. And I love my sister but she is not the one you would want to be lost with anywhere, although she will crack you up throughout the process. After she dropped Linley and I off at the airport she beat a hasty path back to New Hampshire. Linley and I found a smoothie, waited to board, flew 3 hours ( not too much greenish-yellow for mommy), landed safely, got our luggage, grabbed dinner and waited for daddy to pick us up. While waiting for our ride Linley was dancing around wearing the scarf I bought on her head like a burka. A nice lady asked if Linley could sing and Linley informed her she would for tips. (Thanks Boston) And so she did. She made out with 35 cents by the time Chad wandered in looking for his travel weary wife and her still very sweetly awake (thanks "airplane only coca-cola") 5 year old daughter.
This was an amazing trip. Linley was at the perfect age to go along with all we did and Hannah was the perfect addition. Many, many thanks to my mom and dad who not only gifted us with the tickets but also cared for Piper while Chad was in class each day. I hope that this trip brings back wonderful memories for Linley as she grows a little more into a little lady. I know that the time with Linley was grand to me.

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