Friday, May 14, 2010

No news is good news

And that about sums it up. We got to the ER last night around 11ish and waited until close to 3am to get a bed in Aflac. By that time Piper was wide awake and happy and it took a straight hour of me walking around to get her to drift off. Unfortunately, we did not bring her sound machine because of all the rushing out the door and it was a very restless night. The nurses are wonderful but they are still in and out a lot and Piper was definitely not used to all that. She finally happily woke for the day at 8am. I was not ready to move quite as quickly as she was but Chad and I bumbled along until all the parts worked a little more smoothly and the day carried on. She did have a blood transfusion and is looking wonderfully pink.

Her ANC is at 20. Yeah, wonder she got a fever. On the upside her cultures from late Thursday night are not growing anything so that is good. The Dr told us they will do more cultures early am on Saturday and we are fervently praying they begin to rise and the cultures continue to be negative. Once they see the counts trend upward we will be getting out of here. And I really, really want that to happen. Why you ask? Because my mother in law has used her timeshare to book a week at the beach and we are invited! THAT is where I would prefer to be on much as I do love these ladies here at Aflac.

Linley spent the day with her Mimi and Aunt Laura. Chad went home to spend the evening with her and to get them both to an 9am soccer game. I think he is going to be coming back to visit tomorrow with her but really, we never know. And right now Piper is fussing in her crib. I am hoping she sleeps better tonight but I am not confident. Tomorrow is another day of shopping (gift shop), eating out (cafeteria) and play dates (waving at strangers in the lobby)... And then we do it all again! Hopefully, her counts will make a good jump in the right direction and her cultures will continue to be negative.

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