Friday, May 28, 2010

Bring on the HD Arac-C

I found out the other day that I don't have to write a whole novel every time I post a post. Whats that you say??? Now, just because I don't have to write and ramble (or as we remind my mother, "you're doing the whole rabbit trails thing again") doesn't mean that I will begin typing short and to the point updates. No, because I have one daughter who does not chat yet, another who tends to question and argue a lot lately and a hubby who is usually owned either by the local soccer complex and/or UGA. I have a lot to write and ramble about. I NEED to write and ramble so that someday I will look back and be impressed that I still had half a brain and the ability to converse with humans.

That being said I am updating you that Piper and I will be heading to to CHOA tomorrow morning for 48 hrs of High Dose ARA-C. If you remember correctly, the last time she had this dosage and type of chemo she had also broken her elbow and had surgery to replace her CVL with a Port. It was a rocky trip and I am fervently praying that this one goes much more smoothly. And while you and I are praying, please continue to pray that this ugly chemo keeps doing its job while keeping Pipers little body from the side effects that are possible. Both now and in the future. We should be home on Sunday and I am hoping that she will NOT get the fever when her counts bottom out 7-10 days later. She didn't last time and I really, really, really, hope she wont this time either. I will post again tomorrow and let everyone know how she is doing. And I will attempt to stay away from "rabbit trails"...but you have to know that's a tricky one for me.

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