Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love Boston

...just not south Boston so much. Which of course, is where Hannah, Linley and I found ourselves lost on Friday evening. It was decided that we would ride the T into the Children's Museum of Science. It was not decided to get directions and so we wandered. A lot. Past frightening people. Past needles on the ground. Not past any taxis or policemen because that would be entirely too helpful. Finally we wandered onto the T and rode North. And yes, that was our destination in its entirety. We landed in a much better area, but still lost. This time there were less needles and homeless and more cops and we got a ride to the museum and WOW, I love that place. Friday nights are a dollar per person so it was the best 3$ I have ever spent. We stayed for almost 3 hours and still didn't make it into each area.
Afterwards, not being fools, we found a taxi immediately and went to find dinner. We ended up eating fondue at 11pm with Linley wide awake and "super happy" to eat cheese and chocolate. We abandoned all hope of ever riding the T again and found yet another taxi back to the hotel where we collapsed and slept until 9. That was a blissful night sleep if I ever had one.

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  1. I have LOVED looking through all your trip photos! What a special time for you and Linley both. And what great memories you've made!