Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 5/10

It been a whirlwind of a week and weekend. Chad completed his finals, Piper completed her 5 days of chemo and we moved into our own shoebox. Everyone breathe a huge sigh of relief...I know I am!

Chemo went as well as it can. Piper is such a wonderful trooper. Our biggest frustration was attempting to feed her without a highchair and to keep up with her...she is so very active! She really loves to walk around while holding onto our fingers but that is not an easy task to do while hauling a IV pole with you. Her ANC today was down to 540 and should still drop a little before beginning to rise. All the other blood work continues to look great. We began the Neupogen shots nightly on Saturday. It is intended to boost the white blood cells to keep her from becoming neutropenic and to enable her body to keep infections at bay. Neupogen does cause her bones to ache so we will see if she still crawls around as well the next few days.

Chad is done with Spring 2010! He finished each class with B's and is feeling good about taking May off. He will be taking one class this summer and hopefully working a little more to save up for Fall 2010 semester in which he is signed up for 5 classes. Yuck.

And we are finally in our own "casa de petite". Small it is but we are overjoyed with it. We spent a little money on organizing things to keep the clutter away...I get a twitch when I see too much clutter. Hopefully this will help. Linley and Piper are both happy in their new room and Chad and I both agree we have slept the best sleep in months the last 2 nights. The boxes are slowly but surely being worked through and we plan to have yet another yard sale to get rid of things that are not being used right now. I told you I twitch with clutter right? Another thing that we were happy about are the kids. Family Housing is pretty basic and we often wondered if we were the only family around who wanted to put their kids/families through all of the sacrifices that college means. And we aren't! Linley already has a new "best friend" and Chad and I have enjoyed chatting with other parents who are familiar with this lifestyle. I cannot tell you what a relief that is!

I will post some pictures of the new place once I find my camera. And the couch. And towels. And all the other things I so carefully packed away 7 plus months ago!


  1. yay! sounds like an exciting and busy time. Praying for you as you settle into your new place ;)

  2. hey I have a friend who lives in family housing..she is great! her name is becky benjamin..her email address is

    She would love to meet you!