Monday, May 31, 2010

Next Up: Kindergarten

..and yes, I am completely freaking out. I actually began this freaking out process way back in 2005 when I birthed my firstborn. I continued to freak out when we moved to a new house when Linley was 2 and a half. When she began Pre-K and was gone a whole, whopping 4 mornings a week I attempted to enjoy my time with only Piper. That worked a little bit until Piper got her diagnosis and I pretty much had to pass the parenting baton on to my mother, husband and an assortment of other fantastic Godly women who cared for Linley when I was not able to be with her. I did not have time to freak out so I trusted instead, that not only was she being cared for by great teachers but also by a great God.
And now Linley is done. She had as normal of a year as possible and I am amazed at how much she learned. I tried to be involved to the best of my ability and am blessed to think that she only noticed when I was able to join her. The end of the year party and subsequent evening show were emotional times for me. I am not much for crying but I may or may not have gotten a little misty- eyed when she was singing and later when she was holding her bouquet of Graduation flowers. I am so proud of you Linley Coe and I am confident that you will excel in Kindergarten and beyond. And I will attempt to stop freaking out about letting you go.


  1. Linley is looking so grown-up! You are doing a great job, mama :)