Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home 5/15

We are home. It was a blessedly brief stay and I am so glad for that. Pipers fever came down with the first dose of Tylenol (generic of course) and stayed away. Her cultures remained negative for infection and while we have up to 72 hrs for them to grow anything, it is highly unlikely that will happen. Her ANC did not rise very much but the attending Dr felt like the rest of her bloodwork pointed towards her counts rising...and that is the goal. So we are still on for that, now desperately needed, beach vacation. Pipers doctors and nurses are aware of our upcoming trip and are very encouraging. We were advised, as usual when her ANC is so low, to stay away from big crowds and to keep Piper from ingesting beach water the first few days. Tomorrow we will have to go to the local hospital to have a CBC done to check as to when we are able to stop the Neupogen shots. As of right now we are giving them to her up to Monday night but if counts rise too slowly they will have us continue another few days.

Of course, I forgot the camera so I don't have any pictures of Piper very happily riding on a push toy around Aflac...she was so incredibly happy. As in every time we walk through those doors there is a sense of relief (oh goodie...these people know what they are doing) mixed with a crushing acknowledgement that cancer is here and it is ugly. I much prefer my land of is so much more enjoyable there. We did have a chance to see Brent ( another infant leukemia fighter) and his family. They are always an encouragement to see. Brent is the first infant to use the protocol that Piper is on. To see him thrive and look so wonderful gives me he is such a cute kid.

Hopefully our next post will be pictures of my sweet girls enjoying some Florida sunshine (with SPF 75 and sunhats on). Thank you so much for praying. I just don't have it in me while worrying in the midst of a fever but knowing that Piper is covered by you guys gives me peace.

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  1. Glad Piper is feeling better! Hope you have an amazing time at the beach :)