Monday, April 5, 2010


Want to see two of the sweetest faces on Earth? I matched them in order to up the sweetness factor...not that they needed it but because I am particular like that. Both girls were beautiful for Easter Sunday and Linley loved that the dresses "matched a little but not too-too much like twins". I loved that Linley picked out the fabric, my mom sewed and sewed away, and I got to relax and enjoy the end results.
So, our Easter was good, nice and quiet. You know, kind of like my life these days. I love it. And this afternoon we were at the Clinic for chemo. I took Linley because she is out for spring break and also because nobody and I mean nobody, makes Piper happy like her sister. Chemo went well, Pipers ANC was higher than they usually like but Nurse Mary didn't seem concerned at all. Of course, I am...I don't know nearly enough about all of this Leukemia junk to feel relaxed about anything other than "wow....Piper is doing wonderfully!". She said if Pipers ANC stayed up for weeks on end that they would up the dosage of 6mp that she gets a night or that sometimes they jump when she is fighting something off. Right now we just keep on keeping on. And for the record they like to keep Pipers ANC around 1000. She is considered Neutropenic when she has no ANC, at less than 500 she stays very close to home and far away from anyone who is sick. And she was 2,440 today. Definitely higher than assumed, but she could probably fight off the plague if it were to come in contact with her. This is me thinking positively and not worrying.
Chad got an email a few weeks ago from the Housing Dept here at UGa. It told him that the apartment selections would be available 4/12. We will just have to look online after that date and select the apartment we want and if it isn't available July 1st we will have to select another. Well, we don't want to wait until July 1st...ideally we will be able to send them an email and be in an apartment, any apartment, in May. Assuming that there are apartments available this could happen. We are also waiting to get the results of the student loans that Chad applied for so that we can afford to get that wonderful apartment. Pray that things work smoothly in the next few weeks and that we can continue our new normal.


  1. Happy Easter! my, oh my, your girls are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the update. Praying for you tonight.

  2. Oh goodness, how much do I LOVE those dresses! Your mom made them? She must sew for a boutique? I'd so buy them! Definitely praying for a quick and smooth transition to the next phases of life for you guys.

  3. Beautiful pictures of such a wonderful family!!! Your mom did an amazing job on the dresses. I LOVE what Linley said about matching a little but not being too-too like twins!!! My girls have enjoyed dressing that way too - not matching completely!! We love you! Heather & Sarah