Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday (Party) Linley!

As most of you who keep up with us may know, Linleys actual 5th birthday party was the 16th of February. Unfortunately, was due another inpatient round so we chose to wait on her "friend" party until Piper was home and hopefully, recovered enough for both her and Chad and I to all go to the party. The party was yesterday and it was Wonderful! Linley has always wanted a party at one of those bouncy house places but we always chose to go with parties at home. This year we opted for Jungle Jumpers...1) we have a severe lack of time to plan details and 2) Linley deserved the extra, extra, extra mile this year.
My best friend and her 2 girls came to the party and stayed for a sleepover. Poor Linley began complaining of a headache and being tired at the party and by 9pm was running a fever. She woke up this morning feeling just fine, but began running a fever again this afternoon at the park. We are keeping her away from Piper while Piper's ANC recovers to a better level, but mainly we are praying that the fever is merely the result of a busy week, not much sleep and lots of excitement.
So, thanks for all of you friends who joined us yesterday to celebrate a beautiful 5 years olds birthday. Happy Birthday (Party) to Linley...


  1. how fun! Looks like you throw a really great party. Hope the birthday girl feels better SOON!

  2. She looks so much more grown up in her pictures now that she is 5! Thank you all for inviting us, we had such a lovely time. I am sorry to hear about Linley not feeling well again, please give her a hug and kiss for me and let her know we are praying she feels better right away.

    all my love-xoxo