Monday, March 22, 2010

We ran away to Atlanta...

...for 48 blissful, quiet and much needed hours. It was only Chad and I's second weekend away since becoming parents in 2005. We had big plans about taking a week cruise in February way back when, you know, in before the diagnosis and life changed immensely. We promptly put that on the back burner and focused on getting our little family through the initial 6 months of chemotherapy treatments. We made it and we celebrated by leaving both girls with my mom and dad while heading to Atlanta.

Chad and I stayed here at the Westin downtown. And it was all a wonderful gift. It began by my best friend Miriam noticing that Chad and I were, shall we say, a little frazzled??? It may have been the ginormous amounts of coca-cola and coffee we were living on or maybe just her being the loving woman that she is...she got all of her family together in the attempt to give Chad and I something to look forward to. Miriam explained our situation and the inability to actually confirm a date when purchasing the gift certificate and it was passed on to the hotel manager who instead of working with Miriam, gave us not only the weekend for free, but also dinner for 2 at the Sundial Restaurant. It was wonderful. I cannot tell you how much we needed it and how much we appreciated it but we did and we did.

We spent time walking downtown. We spent time eating yummy food without answering 20 questions or cutting food into tiny bites. We ordered room service and watched movies. We woke up slowly with no one needing us for anything immediately. And I was treated to an amazing massage downstairs in the spa. Our view on the 61st floor was breathtaking and we spent alot of our time simply standing next to the huge, beautiful windows just watching the world below us.

So thank you to every one who was involved in this grand treat. When Chad and I celebrate our 50th anniversary with most of our hair intact and the ability to still smile, know that it was you guys who helped get us there. Thank you!


  1. Well it sounds like yall had a wonderful time... Pictures were great and yall looked amazing...Love yall...

  2. how fantastic! I am SO glad you got that chance! I hope you're feeling (somewhat) rested. Isn't the view from the Sundial amazing?