Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday 3/08/10

My best friend brought her 2 daughters to celebrate Linleys party this weekend. Miriam and I have been friends since birth and always thought we would have children at the same time. Instead we have 4 girls, 7,5,3, and 8 months between the 2 of us. Thankfully they enjoy each other..except at bedtime. :)

We went to the park on Sunday instead of church. Linleys fever had gone away but we were still watching her. It came back Sunday night but she never complained about anything more than a fever and a headache...until we were in the Drs office and then apparently she let us know that her throat hurt also. Come to find out, she actually had Strep...After being confined to Chad and I's room with lots of Amoxicillian, OJ, a DVD player and a pile of books for 24 hours she was running at full steam. Thankfully, Pipers ANC was totally recovered from the chemo 2 weeks ago and she has shown no signs of any yuckiness. I am going to post tomorrow about a "hurdle" that we are almost over. Yes, the first 6 months will be complete tomorrow. My feelings are hard to explain but I am going to give it a good 'ole college try. Tomorrow. I think.


  1. I LOVE seeing these pictures. You all look so relaxed and happy. It looks good on you. :)

  2. Tomorrow...
    I am glad you are taking your time on that 6 month update posting, I know this will not be an easy one and I love you even putting forth the effort.
    It's nice to know about Linley and the strep, Bella has been a mess (but i have been thinking that it was just her being three). I am going to keep an eye on that. It is great to hear your spunky five year old is up and running again. I love the pictures at the park, what a beautiful day. And a wonderful family:)