Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dads Night

Tonight was Dad's Night at Linleys preschool. She has been talking about this for a week and made a big deal out of picking out the perfect outfit for both her and Chad...including perfume and lipgloss for Linley. And to make it an ever bigger deal to her, Chad stopped on the way home from class and picked up flowers for her and surprised her by ringing the front door and picking her up. (It is NEVER too late to teach your daughters how a man treats a lady.) I was tearing up at both of them. The last 6 months, while more difficult than I ever imagined, has given Chad and Linley a remarkable relationship. I no longer am able to be there for Linley 24/7 like I was the first 4 and a half years of her sweet life, and Chad has stepped up to the plate like a pro. The soft "Daddy" out of her little mouth when she opened the door and saw him standing there with flowers for her was priceless...and simply proof to Chad that the last few months of spreading himself so very thin, has been so very worth it. She really loves her Daddy.


  1. what a gift from God that you have a husband who actively loves your little girls :)

    thank the Lord for that huge gift :)

  2. How precious! What a great idea, and how sweet for Chad to go all out for Miss Linley. She will grow up being treated like a lady and will never settle for less. :)