Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gearing up for crazy.

Tomorrow morning, super early if I might add, Linley begins Kindergarten. Chad and I will be among the throngs of whimpering and incredibly proud parents kissing their prized possessions off to another's responsibility. A little too emotional and scary if you ask me. But apparently an education is important for a 5 year old, especially if she needs to be curing cancer for kids like her sister. No pressure Linley, you super-genius you.

In all seriousness, Linley is thrilled. She needs to have some structure and some familiar faces day to day. She is very smart and is very sweet and is necessarily bossy should anyone take her watchfulness as timidity. I am confident that she will excel and I am proud of that little princess.

And just in case I have too much free time to worry about how she is doing 2 miles away, I can always call my mom and check on the other daughter. Because my mom is amazing and is taking Piper in for chemo tomorrow ALONE so that Chad and I can both be there for Linley on "the mostest important time in my very entire life mommy!". Piper will be having the 2nd to final round of chemo before she begins the much anticipated maintenance phase. Fortunately I have lots of "friends" (haha) who are oncologist/hematologist and they dig my Piper a lot and stuff so we were cleared to come in every morning and leave every evening all week instead of checking in to Hotel de Choa. The actual chemo will run for about 4 hrs and the "rescue drug" (which coats the kidneys) and the fluids will run an additional 4. That is 8 hrs total and that is a small, small, small room, folks. And Piper is a busy little, non-self walking little bugger so keeping up with her while dragging an IV pole around is not for the weak.

So please pray for my mom, myself, Chad and all the other helpers who are aiding us this week. Its going to be busy but I have felt extra impressed to pray for the effectiveness of these drugs. Thankfully, this past week has been heavenly as Piper has fully rebounded from what we are thinking was horrible acid reflux. Of course, not being able to know symptoms from my word-less wonder makes everything more difficult. But her Prevacid dose has been doubled and she a world of change! Watching her and Linley playing so happily together melts this non-emotional mommy...its what we have prayed for for so many years. Just in time for a possibly painful month but at least I am feeling rejuvenated and up for the challenge of it.

And I am up for it. So bring it on...Both Kindergarten and Chemo.


  1. You are a brave and inspiring woman! I know that Linley will do great in kindergarten and I'm so glad you & Chad could both be there for her. You guys are doing such an amazing job, with both girls!

  2. Linley has a wonderful family that is how she is able to flourish through it all! I am so happy you two could be there to walk her in through the doors together :) Now that puts a smile on my face... Much prayer goes out for you all this and every week!