Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My own Miss Fancy Pants Kindergartener

Linley loved Kindergarten and Mommy didn't embarrass her by sobbing. Overall, I would say Kindergarten shows great signs of being good for all involved. She bounced out of bed, happily ate her waffles, dressed in her new shirt, got "fancied up" with a hairbrush and a toothbrush and got to school on time. Linley had already met her teacher and knew that her best friend, Lylah from here at UGA was in her class so that was an additional boost of excitement. Plus her classroom has a loft and 7 fish, which surprisingly are 2 things that she has often begged us for at her own home. Score one for school being awesome.

As I mentioned before, Chad and I were both able to drop off and pick up. And of course, we had to have an ice cream date to celebrate the day. And of course there was a complete and total meltdown by 5:00 because she was up before God rose the sun and that is not in our nature to do. My Linley was a contented Kindergartner when she finally plopped herself into her bed and I was then free to contemplate doing all that sobbing. But I didn't because I was just so very proud of my independent girl...she just thrills me to no end.

1 comment:

  1. what a big girl! Good job, Linley!
    (and good job mom for not sobbing :))