Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello Toes...

...I just have to show you off. You never looked so fancy. And all because a sweet girl from church sent me an incredibly kind and encouraging note way back in December (or January or March or October, they really all run together) and included a gift card to a local day spa for a pedicure. She didn't know that pedicures are my favorite weakness. And she definitely had not watched me walk the halls at CHOA and watch my feet swell and my legs ache. She had no clue what this meant to me both physically and emotionally. And I finally had a chance to use it. I followed it up with a jaunt to Barnes and Nobles where I picked up a magazine that I could zone out to uninterrupted. And instead I napped uninterrupted for an hour. I can only imagine what people were thinking of me. I'm going to tell myself that they were only noticing my pretty toes.

This was a good day filled with three fantabulous and reviving hours.


  1. So glad you had a refreshing time! Love you, praying, hugs to all, sweet warrior child.

  2. How wonderful for you darling! I am so happy for your feet :) But I have always thought they were adorable... Oh well, I'll just go back to glaring at my large sausages now :(
    I love you