Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Piper is happy and puking.

I wish I could simply write that Piper was doing wondefully but I can't lie. My 5 year old often reminds me (as she should) that lying is a sin, so we make it a point to not do too much of it. And so, Piper is doing ok. She has done 2 out of 5 days at the clinic without major incidence. Unfortunatley, after 4 WHOLE days puke-free she brought up her donuts this morning and then again at bedtime we revisited Pb and J sandwiches. Not fun for anyone. She is though, very happy. I am impressed with how cheerful she is, even when I am cleaning up her little face after a mess. She is being silly, energetic and sweet....just what we needed. Tomorrow is Chad and his moms visit to the clinic with Piper while I stay home and do the Linley side of things. And an awful lot of laundry as well.

Poor Piper hasnt slept on her actual bedsheet in over 2 months. She has been battling nausea and vomit off and on and it is much easier to have her sleep on a beach towel that is easily moveable when its christened. And fortunately, we hadnt changed that habit last night like I was planning. Unfortunately, the other people at the laundromat must think I am quite the pampered wife with all my pool time.

This is Piper eating donuts at the clinic today. I have found (by some weird coincedence that has nothing at all to do with my own love of Dunkin Donuts Caramel Blast and a simple cake donut in the morning) , that Piper loves the simple cake donuts from DD. She has not been offered a more sugary one and that is fine by me. But boy, does she like her donuts...she ate 2 before showing them back off to me an hour later. And tomorrow is Daddy's turn. Yesss.

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