Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's 4:34 on Sunday. Piper is 6 days post beginning this round of junk. And she feels very, very junky. So junky that Chad stayed home from church with her and so junky that she doesn't want to eat. Which causes all differ ant and unwelcome problems. As of right now, she has drunk about 10oz today and 4oz of those were given by syringe. She sits up and snacks every once in a while but mostly sleeps, whines and cuddles. Please pray she begins to eat SOON...if she dehydrates again we have to go back inpatient and I am not sure if anyone in this family can handle that right now.


  1. Poor thing. How much fluid would she have to have in order to keep her hydrated? Popsicles--does she eat them? I am so sorry and yes it is JUNK!!!