Monday, August 30, 2010

Here we go.

Last time we were prepping to head into the hospital for chemo I said "bring it on". I dont feel quite so confident this time because frankly, each round seems to be hitting Piper harder and harder. Or maybe because she is older, I just don't know. Either way it is definitely sadder, messier and more exhausting. I can only hope any hidden leukemic blast cells are feeling it too...and disappearing forever.

Pipers appointment is at 1:30 tomorrow and they should begin Ara-C chemo within a few hours. She will get a dose every 12 hrs until 4 doses are given. (Ex: 4pm Tues, 4am Wed, 4pm Wed, 4am Thurs) Each dose runs for 2 or 3 hours I believe. After her last dose she will wait 6 hrs and get a shot of peg-asparagine in her thigh. Providing she gets no fever she will be in and out pretty quickly. Throughout the time we are there she will get steroid eye drops every 4 hours to ward off chemical pink eye, which is common with Ara-C. She will have to continue the eye drops for 48 hrs after we discharge.

A fever is very common with Ara-C. Piper has had this type and dose of chemo 2x before. The first time she had a fever at the hospital but never got one when her counts all dropped. The second time she had it she got no fever and we had a short visit but she developed a fever 8 days later that resulted in a 10 day hospital stay and an infection in her port. Ugh. I have no idea what to expect but I am praying that this is the final boot to leukemia.

So here we go. Piper is doing wonderfully. Linley is not too thrilled that I am gone for 2+ nights but she is very happy about Chads mom coming to stay while I am gone. Linley does get that this is the last time we have to go to the hospital for "medicine". Thankfully, I can tell her that Piper will only have to go if she gets fever. And she is definitely thrilled about that.

Tonight I am busy wrapping up loose ends for Chad and Linley. And doing my fair share of praying. And maybe, just maybe I will squeeze a little praise in because I still have my head and we definitely cant have mommy losing it anytime soon. :)

And remember that this is Pipers very last inpatient chemo! Praise God!


  1. Praying for you this week! Last inpatient chemo... that is GREAT news! Hang in there!