Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day +10

Piper is doing relatively well. Still lots of mucositis and she wasn't very active today, but if you hit the pain pump enough she will get comfortable enough to play with and laugh at daddy. She still doesn't have any white counts, but that is normal right now. She ran a fever around 4:30a Saturday morning, but after a little Tylenol it stayed away the rest of the day. Piper has gotten into a routine of waking up between 5 & 6 a wanting to be held. She is starting to let me lay down and hold her tight which is so much easier to gather back to sleep.

I am sure when Sus gets here tomorrow she will perk up and you all will have pictures of Piper standing, smiling and playing. She likes to make daddy look like a liar. She is still being sweet, just very clingy because she has been in pain and we are keeping her drugged. She does have her little moments of turdness, like telling the nurses bye-bye as soon as they walk in the door or slapping syringes out of their hands,but that is rare and only in times of real meltdowns.

I know I do not make this as readable and enjoyable as Sus does, but this is how she has been for the last several days. Still doing good, but definitely in some pain that is manageable with meds. Still sweet and beautiful.


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  1. You said "turdness!". Love it! Only a dad who is being truthful and honest would or could use that word! I'm sure it's been a rough few days for you, but Piper certainly loves you and got the comfort she needed from you. You are the epitome of a godly dad with the sacrifices you have made. Many dads would have been long gone by now, but you have stayed through the roughest and ugliest of circumstances and I have more respect for you and Sus than either of you will ever know. It's been a long three years for y'all, but look at the road you have chosen to take and how far you have come! What a true blessing and miracle your Precious Piper is! (And you blogged! What's that, like twice now? Keep it up Chad!) y'all have an amazing testament and story to tell!