Monday, January 16, 2012

Monster Jam

If you don't know who Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger are you're probably not a friend of mine. And you if don't enjoy supercharged engines in 15 ft. tall trucks flying 30-40 feet in the air just to roll 'em over and tear 'em up we probably wouldn't have to good of a time hanging out together :)
Saturday night I took Linley to her first Monster Jam. Of course my uber safe little princess was more worried about the drivers safety at times than she was about having fun and enjoying what I like to call "rastlin' on wheels." She can be quoted as saying "ya'll are cheering and they could be really hurt daddy" and when a truck turned over during freestyle, "ya'll are cheering for nothing."
She still had fun though and she did cheer for the pink truck, Madusa, and the puppy dog, Monster Mutt, during the races. Now, Grace Digger is a legend, in fact there are two Grace Diggers now and the second one is driven by the son of the first and ironically named....Grave Digger The Legend, but Linley was not to impressed with Grave Digger. I guess screaming skulls with glowing red eyes are a little scary to a kiddo, but I was trying to explain that that is the way it has always been...she didn't care. Until Grave Digger tore the body off his truck in freestyle and continued to launch it through the air with sparks flying, rear end glowing, and a man in a black helmet bouncing around like a rag doll but never letting out of the gas. That got her attention. By the end of the show she was loving it. She got a Madusa pennant to hang on the wall at home and we hung around for about an hour extra and got to meet the legend himself Dennis Anderson, who is a super nice and charismatic guy who just so happens to drive a truck with a picture of death on the side and Linley was a little more than intimidated by.
We also met other drivers and got a pic with the driver of El Toro Loco. I can't remember his name, but I know he is only 21 years old and living the dream.


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