Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 15

Piper is still rocking this. A lot more smiles and walking. Even some time spent in the playroom earlier. The doctors are happy with how she looks and feels and we will begin the weaning of the fentanyl tomorrow. Tonight she began to run a fever... Each time she runs a fever they draw bloodwork to look for viruses or bacteria or any other funk that may be residing there. Because she is still on a plethora of antibiotics from the fevers last week they feel like she is covered unless something shows up. The doctors are pleased with how well she is doing thus far and the only concern continues to be the CMV which we have done all that can be done and next weeks test shall show if it was a help or not.
Pipers white count is at .26. Not much but she is at least going the right direction. If by day 21 we don't see a jump then they will begin Neupogen to get things rolling along though I don't think this is a concern at the moment just an FYI to me for how things could go.

Boring is good around here...I'll take it.

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