Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flashback (Merry Needham Christmas Eve)

I was given an ipad/blogger tip today from a kid I used to babysit way long ago. I'd love to take credit for this kids brains but I am afraid all I did was take him for walks and read to him so it must be his parents fault he's a smartie. (Either way, thanks a million Joseph)

Because hopefully I should now be able to add pictures to my posts, I am going to be doing a few flashbacks. This is my way of keeping track of the sweet way we are doing life so if you only want an update on Piper just ignore any "flashback" posts. You would be missing out big time though.

Because we knew Piper would be inpatient and that Linley would not be allowed to visit at Christmas, we did our own thing. This is the Merry Needham Christmas Eve that we did and it was so sweet to see the girls wearing those matching jammies. This was the first Christmas we have had that felt complete and good and right...relapse and transplant a'coming be damned.

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