Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback (prepping for transplant)

... And by prepping I mean doing anything we could to keep our minds off of the inevitable. The Needham crew was to be dismantled for a few weeks only to be placed back together again once Piper had begun to heal. This is still our heartfelt prayer as we close the gap on a month apart...
But in this sweet time we lived. It was good. Chad and Linley were both out of school and Piper and I were happy to have then home with us to play and run around. There was much staying up late eating ice cream, enjoying FaceTime with Nana and Gpa, sleeping with mommy and daddy, making messy, messy and still yummy teachers gifts, experimenting with new make up kits and of course, the many happy hours spent with a fancy new dollhouse and play kitchen. Chad and I spent a lot of time watching the girls and know, like normal parents do but without the worried twitch that we seemed to have acquired.

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  1. Loving all these sweet smiles and these pictures. Such beautiful girls! Praying. Always praying for all of you! Praying tonight for sweet sleep and peace.