Sunday, January 8, 2012

Each time I race from one home to another, I cry. Usually its an exhausted whimper, sometimes its a frantic sob but it is always rejuvenating. I have my worship music on and my windows down and me and my Camry just roll down hwy 78...knowing that my pace will change as soon as I hug the neck of whichever girl I am barreling towards. And I am always, always, always ready to see either blue eyed the time I have spent s night or two or five away from one of them I more than ready to give them my undivided attention.

Which is why the commute between each girl is so very therapeutic. Crying, in whichever manner, is so good for my soul.

So after almost 48 busy hours with Linley I am back here with miss Piper. Linley and I went to her basketball game, a birthday party, a family dinner, church today, the grocery store and even managed to run two loads of laundry and paint our toes. Chad and Piper apparently did a lot of cuddling and watching laughing babies on YouTube. Like a Chad said last night, things with Piper remain within the normal parameters of a transplant patient. She has had two fevers today but still nothing is growing on her cultures so there is talk of doing a CT just to rule out anything fungal. She has developed a red rash on the better part of her body which doesn't seem to bother her but sure scared me when I laid eyes on her. Oh yeah, and she pulled her NG tube out early this morning in a fit of rage. I imagine it was hurting her already sore throat so out it came. Because she is at the (hopefully) worst portion of this transplant process, her mouth and throat and GI tract is covered with sores and ulcers so it was decided to keep it out until she heals up some. She will continue to have TPN and lipids to sustain her. Sleep continues to be sporadic although the higher dose of Fentanyl is helping with pain and discomfort she still cannot seem to settle herself much to sleep solidly for long periods of time.

Still no sign of those lovely healing white cell but we are crossing into the earliest possible time they could make an appearance. Hopefully when they show their pretty little heads they will also bring the donors cells with them but please leave the leukemia ones at the curb....they have been a part of my sweet Piper for long enough.

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  1. Thanks for another update, Susanna! We are continuing to pray for y'all and send our love your way. We will continue to pray for sleep for all of you, as well as white cells and donor cells soon!! We'll keep following every post to know how to continue to pray.
    Love you! Heather