Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flashback (Happy Re-Birthday Piper)

The big day has come and it Transplant Day, call it Day O or call it her Re-birthday but I'm hoping to call it a miracle and the beginning of the rest of a healthy and happy life for Piper.

It was just as simple and anti climatic as I had desired. A bone marrow transplant is not an invasive procedure but rather similar to a blood transfusion. This means no surgery or sedation and she was able to play, snack and sleep like normal through out the entire 5 hours infusion. Piper was watched very carefully throughout and even for a few hours after...praise God, all of her vitals stayed normal and she had no nausea or vomiting or reactions in the least bit.

Piper Jean Needham, you are amazing, I pray daily for your future. I pray hourly for your blessings and I pray each little moment for you to simply have life...someday I pray you will live it abundantly. Until then we will carry you, we will love you and ache for your cure. Twenty-nine months ago I eagerly labored for this sweet child in the first place. There was much fanfare and much rejoicing over her delivery. God willing this date will be just as pivotal as her birthday. One date brought her into my arms and the other helped keep her here.

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  1. LOVE these flashback posts! Thank you for doing them. I love the smile with a Bugle in her mouth, and each smile where I can just hear her saying "cheese!". The picture of her sleeping was too precious. Your sweet note to her is beautiful. How blessed Piper and Linley are to have a sweet Mama like you!! Love you! Heather