Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback (St. Mtn. Park Mini Vacation pt.1)

Back in October of 2011, Chad and I got an itch to run away with the girls. Of course, this was all in the midst of Pipers relapse and subsequent chemotherapy and that may have played a large part in our desire to get the heck out of dodge and pretend our world wasn't falling apart.

Or maybe we just had a great desire to settle in and love on each much was unknown and so much was so scary and despite those two very real things, we just wanted to be close. So we relied on the generosity of one who loves us very much and sent us to St. Mountain Park for a weekend. We chose that location because it was away from our daily hustle and bustle but also because it still kept us close to the comforts of Pipers doctors and, who in their right mind likes to drive more than two hours or so with young children and no in-car DVD player?

Nobody. Us included.

So St. Mountain it was and it was wonderful.

Piper had begun losing her hair but not to the point where it was noticeable and Linley had not yet felt the effects of (again) being the big sister to a little sister of whom so much revolves around. To an outsider we were just a little touristy family hanging out...and that was nice.

This is going to be a 3 post mamaba-jamba because there are some truly beautiful and special pictures we caught in these three days and that I would be remiss to leave out. These are just ones of the girls getting settled in and their silly selves wrestling and then playing some serious checkers.

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