Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback (St.Mtn.Park Mini Vacation pt.2)

St. Mountain Park activities when I was a kid was composed of hiking the mountain, playing at the beach/streams, The Laser Show in the summer and if you were high living you could pay to ride the sky lift to the top of the mountain. (we were not high living, by the way.)

Now though, they have a whole village packed with expensive and fun things for your kids to do and buy. So we did. There was a ropes course, there was a playbarn, there was that fancy skylife and then when we (really, just mommy and daddy) were totally exhausted we grabbed snacks and headed to the area my mom used to bring us when we were kids.

That was my favorite part of the weekend. Linley climbed and skipped along the walls and rocks just like I did when I was six and Piper loved the water...even pushing her walker straight in after her big sister.

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