Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback ( December 27,2011)

This was just mommy and daddy time with Linley. We had some free passes to the Georgia Aquarium and used the ever amazing Nana to hang with Piper while we spent some one on one time with our favorite six year old. She was the perfect age and loved it... It would have been a wee bit hectic taking a non walking two year old into that place but Linley is always our chill and observant kiddo ... Which served her well in this place. Linleys favorites were the otters and and the penguins while Chad and I just about fell asleep in the last display. This part is a huge atrium style fish tank where you just sit in the dimmed room and watch sharks and turtles and other sealife coast by you. Absolutely amazing.

First we ate at Johnny Rockets for burgersy, bacon cheese fries and some amazing milkshakes. So good.

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  1. Yay for time with Linley at such a fun place! Now I'm craving milkshakes!!!
    Hugs to all, Heather