Thursday, March 29, 2012


This will be pretty short because I am tired. Piper's oxygen saturation has been dropping througout the day which is a little surprising considering her lungs are looking good. The docs have attributed this to her pulmonary hyper tension which is causes her blood vessels in her lungs to constrict and cause her blood to not get enough oxygen. This is being treated with seriously. As they work her dose of viagra up they have had to give her more oxygen to keep her saturation up. This will delay her being removed from the vent by a few days, but they are still confident she will be off by next week. That is pretty much what is going on today and probably through tomorrow.
Good night.


  1. Thank you Chad for keeping us updated. We love you guys, and pray for strength energy and healing.


  2. Thank you Chad for keeping us up to date about Piper. Still praying & hoping things goes as planned with the removal of the vent.