Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I like to move it, move it.

I'm not so good at being still. My body and mind and all that jazz has a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. When I watch a movie, I also read a book. When I am on the computer, I am also prepping dinner. When I am sitting in bed reading a magazine, I am also painting my toes...the list goes on but suffice it to say I have a hard time settling down and relaxing.

Even when I am hooked up to a machine and told to relax for oh, say 6 hours straight. Pure awesomeness.

Obviously you can see how rejuvenated I was feeling in the midst of the natural killer cell donation this afternoon. I'm amazed that I felt so thoroughly exhausted after doing not a darn thing. Somehow though I did.

It may have been the fact that my brain was melting from boredom. I could only use one hand and even that one had an IV in it. A movie couldn't happen because I couldn't possibly also whip up a new pair of earrings at the same time like I am apt to do. And pointing and clinking on the IPad was not unlike how clumsily Piper works it while the book I had planned to read kept landing on my nose with no available hands to save my pretty face. All that being said, the actual donation was painless apart from the needle sticks and the nurses who worked with me were great, especially since they had to restick me again after about an hour due to my apparently wonky veins clotting up. And afterwards I was very tired and very hungry and very eager to use the restroom, all things easily handled and the rest of the afternoon and night was back to normal.

Tomorrow Piper will receive these NK cells. On Thursday she will have her second shot of interleukin 2 and hopefully she will be discharged and be a free girl for a few weeks. I can hardly remember having the whole family under one roof and semi -normal...whether its here in TN or in Timbuktu...I'll take it, dang it.

Piper is doing wonderful. Her rash is improving every day and while no one knows what the heck caused it, they are just happy to see it go. She is peeling so a large portion of our days are spent scratching her back and slathering her up with lotions. Piper completed this round of chemo just yesterday and we bid it a very happy adieu...hopefully she will have more prior to the stem cell transplant next month but for now we can deal with the counts bottoming from last weeks chemo but have a little break from toxic junk in her veins and all. Nice eh?

The only snag in this week has been the fact that Piper received her 4th CVL. Ugh. She somehow broke her single lumen CVL on Sunday. They were unable to repair it so the surgeon pulled the line at her bedside in her room. They used her trusty port for the nights TPN and early Monday morning she was taken to surgery. There they removed the port and placed a double lumen CVL, in anticipation of her needing it for the stem cell transplant.

(see how amazingly hot mommy could look every day if she were to become a surgeon or nurse in all her free time?)

So this is the best update I have. Piper is doing wonderful and this family is adjusting as well as we can. Our days are busy and our nights are a little lonely. We are in a good place and we feel very at peace and contented with life, despite how much the details hurt or confuse us. Each day is a blessing...each day with two daughters is a miracle and we eagerly accept this and wait and pray for the days to roll onto years and a miracle to happen.

It could.

I pray it does.


  1. You never cease to amaze me. I look forward to meeting you someday, SuperMom.

  2. Hello Hot Mama! Wow, im not sure that i ever will forget that picture :) I love love love you dear one and am missing ou all like crazy! Counting the days until life here is back to "normal" and we can come for a visit, until then you have my heart...xoxoxoxo and my hugs and kisses