Friday, March 23, 2012

Linley Coe

My Linley gets way too little attention these days. As a firstborn she was inundated with love and laughter and being the focus in most every setting...this began to diminish almost 3 years ago when we welcomed Piper Jean into our little family.

Things never went back to before.

And sometimes that's don't want your child to be an attention hog or reliant on others view of themselves.

Even so, it breaks my heart that she's had to learn to love her sister despite having little chance to grow up with her. That most every choice we make has to be contingent on Piper. And mostly I ache that she misses me and Chad... That others are helping me raise her when in reality I never wanted to do anything more than raise not only her but Piper and a quiver full of other little blonde hair, blue eyed babies.

Which is a big reason that Chad and I made the decision to move the entire family to Tennessee. Leaving Linley behind broke our heart as much as losing Piper did. So we moved and Linley continues to roll with the punches. She loves being part of the daily busyness that St. Jude offers and yesterday she showed her own support for her sisters medical institution of choice...Linley decorated a tshirt supporting the upcoming "sailing for Hope" benefit coming up later this year.

She had a great time and I am reminded again of her gift for details and her wonderful imagination that she will not always show off, in part to the new self conscience little lady she has been trying on for size.

She's amazing. If you don't know my girl, I am sorry for the slice of heaven you have missed out on.

I am blessed to be her mommy.


  1. Linley is such a beautiful girl. I think both of your girls are blessed to have you as their mommy. I am still praying for your sweet family & for you precious little Piper.

  2. Wow Linley! Beautiful job!! Is that a mermaid I see?? So cool. God has given you some special talents Linley - great job! Hugs from mrs. Linda & Gweny