Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flashback: the zoo for two

In the midst of cancer, chemo, minuscule amounts of sleep and foraging for decent meals is the fabulous simplicity of raising Linley.

Never do I so fervently praise God as I do when I think of her good health. True, she has her own issues (I'll share more about that another day) but she seems to have the healthy immune system of her mommy as well as the easy going nature of... Well, we don't know who. Someone far back in the genetic tree perhaps. Either way, she healthily and happily rolls with the punches. And this just makes being with her an even bigger joy than the already vast joy one I have as her mother.

On one of my "home with Linley" shifts last week, she and I visited the Memphis Zoo. It was a beautiful day and we both thourally enjoyed all the sights and a few smells, like her ice cream cone and that flower she loved to pose so prettily with. Because Linley was studying panda bears last week we made a point of checking them out and were blessed to see two very happy little ones running around and making us smile. At the risk of ticking off Ga residents, I believe that the Memphis Zoo exceeds the Atlanta Zoo due to the fact that they have much more animals and a very natural setting with minimal crowds. We will definitely be going back often and as usual I will be enjoying being with this seven year old of mine much more than the scent of the giraffe exhibit.


  1. So glad you two were able to enjoy our lovely zoo - we're pretty proud of it! Great photos, too!

  2. FUN! Just what you two needed im sure :) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU