Thursday, November 5, 2009

.11 and .10 are a world of differance

Piper has finished her HD methotrexate for the week and is doing wonderful. The Leucovorin (drug that I can usually not remember) is doing what it is supposed to and her methotrexate levels are down to a .11 and she can get a much needed blood transfusion (and subsequently go home until Monday a.m.) once they drop to a .10. Yes...not much of a differance but enough to keep us here for the night. Her bottom worsened until I nagged the nurse to give her either another sized catheter or to fix the one she had, no reason to have an angry diaper rash as well as a catheter...right?
As of now, her bottom is healing up and she is fussy because she needs blood, but we are on a good path. I have spent the last 4 days walking the halls over and over...once my sweet Piper is healed I should be down 20 lbs and with some wonderfully sculpted arms.
I have felt a little more emotional the last few days. I think I am due for a good cry, but who has the time??? It can be so overwhelming to be here in the hospital with so many sad stories around us. It doesnt help that they put me and Piper way, way in the back of the unit so that I can neither see or hear anyone...I must have ticked off the wrong nurse or something. I just want to get these next 5 months over with and defeat this horrible disease.

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