Monday, November 30, 2009

Big changes today. Piper was taken off of the morphine drip...we still have a 'script for it if she needs it in the night but otherwise we are hoping she continues to feel well enough to not need it. She has also taken 2 , 2oz bottles today and I am shooting for another before bedtime. Piper is producing a ridiculous amount of saliva because of the mucositis and that seems to bother her while taking the bottle instead of it hurting her. As soon as her counts come back up a little, she is morphine free and she is taking bottles happily then we can go home. Only until next Monday but still...if she gets to come home she should be feeling "normal" which we havent seen much of in over a month.

She has been in a wonderful mood last night and today. When I laid her down to sleep last night she wiggled around as usual and then kept poking her head up and smiling at me and the nurse. I would tell her "go to sleep Piper" and she would smile and wiggle...and pop her head back up. Over and over we played this game until she was totally worn out and slept like a charm. She really is enjoying our walks now that we have her sitting up, looking ahead in the stroller instead of hanging out in the carrier looking at the ceiling. And she has begun to roll not only from tummy to back but back to tummy...and gets all tangled in her CVL while doing so. I dont mind a bit.

Linley came and visited me last night with my mom. She is such an incredibley sweet girl with such a stubborn streak. I prayed when I was pregnant with her that she would be independant and not worried about the opinions of her peers and I have to say so far so good. We did some crafts and coloring and laundry and ended the evening by her showering (by herself) in the shower here in our room. This is uber-exciting if you are 4 years old. Not nearly as exciting when you are 28 years old and there are constant streams of nurses and therapist and doctors coming to visit. When she left she was wearing a nightgown, my socks, cowboy boots and a sparkly hat. She left me with a smile on my face for sure.

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