Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17 (pm)

We were expectantly sent home this past weekend because Piper was doing so very well. But as we came home and settled in we were seeing just how bad she felt. At some point Friday night she developed sores on her lips. Because of this she was not able to sleep very well (shes a tummy, hand on her mouth sleeper). And by not being able to sleep very well I mean hardly at all. She wanted to be held and to do alot of cat-napping but blessedly no fevers and she continued to drink 3oz every 3 hours which is wonderful for her.

We admitted to the hospital yesterday and she got her chemo last night...late last night. All went well and she is perking up alot. Her lips no longer have sores on them, her cheek is healing up from last week, her bum looks better than it has in weeks and she is very busy rolling over and talking to us. Even now when she should be asleep. Last night she continued the trend she began last week of waking up 7 or8 times throughout the night resulting in one super exhauseted mommy at 5am and finally I gave in and had the nurse give Piper some Lortab to calm her little anxious body down and we both enjoyed a "restful" nights sleep.

This past weekend, my mother watched a pitiful Piper while Chad and I took Linley and some friends with us to the Thrashers game. We had a wonderful time and I was impressed with how well both girls did! Especially on the Marta train there and back...Linley kept telling us "marta is smarta"...silly girl. I miss having both girls with me but I know how much Linley enjoys having mommy and daddy to herself. And we sure love being with her.


  1. Aw, your sweet girls. You and Chad are doing a fabulous job - really really good job, parents!

  2. So glad Piper is continuing to do well. What a trooper! And that is such a fantastic picture of you, Chad and Linley!