Wednesday, November 25, 2009

11/25 am

Last night was rough. It is assumed that she has the same ulcer-ish mouth sores all down her throat that she has on her little lips. She doesnt want to drink anything but if the bottle drips formula down her throat she calms down a little. She was getting morphine every 2 hours for her pain and would immediatley calm down and sleep a little only to wake up again after it wore off and we would give it again. Today, the nurse has suggested a lower dose of morphine on a constant drip...Its so scary what I am allowing into her sweet little body but she is so inconsolable otherwise.
We still have to wait until this evening or so to hear if any bacteria has grown on her blood cultures, otherwise we think it is probably a viral ick. They have ruled out pneumonia and a UTI , by a chest xray and catheter check, so that is good. For all we know she is still feeling the impact of the HD Methotrexate for 2 weeks and this is only a side effect. Thankfully her fever broke in the ER yesterday and hasnt gotten over 100 since we made it back to the Aflac Inpatient Unit.
So continue to pray. Linley was a little confused about why we were leaving after we had told her we were home for Thanksgiving...and we had planned alot of fun stuff to do. She is with my mom and I know that is good hands but I literally ache to be with her. We are supposed to begin Phase 3 on Monday and I am uncertain as to how this will effect that. I guess we have to wait to see what her cultures show up before we can plan things. As if we can ever really plan things here anyways.

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