Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Another good day here at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta. We had alot of fun plans for this week and today and nothing happened the way I wanted...and yet, we still had a wonderful day. Piper slept through the night, quietly and peacefully, even through breathing treatments and vital checks. That means that Chad and I got our first good nights sleep in days and woke feeling so refreshed. We were able to join the other families in the Aflac Unit for a homemade Thanksgiving feast made by the volunteers of an amazing organization called Cure. This organization brings dinner to the floor every Thursday night and each special occasion they can to ensure no one here is alone or hungry. Alot of these families are very far from home or have no one available to help out...I cannot imagine doing this alone.

Piper is still bacteria free and fever free. Her heart rate is slowing down on average and her blood pressure as well. She is still on TPN for nourishment but when I saw her attempting to suck on the syringe of medicine I thought to try giving her formula in a syringe and sure enough, she loved it. Of course, it was more the yummy taste because she hardly ate any, but the look on her face was worth the tediousness of it. Her lips are a little less swollen and she is able to close her mouth a little bit although swallowing and sucking are painfull. She was less tired and irritable today and we were able to get out and about some, which she always loves to do. Maybe its all the attention she gets wherever she goes in this hospital.

My mom and dad came up to CHOA to stay with Piper while Chad and I took Linley to the tree lighting at Lennox Mall. This has been our thanksgiving tradition for the last 3 years and we love it all...and my best friend Miriam was able to join us so that made it all the more fun. Linley loves going and being out and about and tonight was no differant. We saw Mandisa and Josh Turner perform some Christmas songs and saw some beautiful fireworks after the tree was alighted. For a minute it was simple to forget that we were missing such an important piece of our family but we look forward to going again next year and chasing after a very busy 16 month old and 5 year old.

All in all it was a good day. Any day I get to see both girls is no longer just another day for us...its a blessing and I am trying to keep that in mind.

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