Friday, November 27, 2009


Piper went to bed at 10 last night. Chad and I crashed at 110:30. At midnight she had vitals and a breathing treatment. At 230am she fussed herself awake and promptly fell back to sleep when I picked her up and kissed on her. At 4am she had more vitals and another breathing treatment. (415am her pulse monitor went off for no reason.) And then #1 of 3 antibiotics. #2 of 3 antibiotics at 5am. (5:30am her pulse monitor went off for no reason)#3 of 3 antibiotics at 6am plus blood drawn for daily labs. At 8am she had yet more vitals and another breathing treatment (at 830am her pulse monitor went off for no reason)...then she slept until she woke me up at 11. Yes, 11am. It was good...but not necessarily a restful night.

Other than that she seems to be feeling better. Her counts are slowly but surely coming back up and with that, her mouth is slowly but surely healing. Still no eating and there was brief talk of a NG tube down her nose to fill her up instead of the IV nutrients, but as of right now its been decided against. She has happily played in her bumbo a couple times today and ALMOST smiled at us while playing.

Pretty uneventful which is wonderful. There is a thing they do here that is called Beads of Courage where each color of bead and shapes and types means something different on this leukemia journey. The nurses and us keep a running tally of all the things that Piper goes through and we add each bead that correlates with what Piper has gone through and they hang it on a lanyard of sorts off of her IV pole. Red for transfusions. White for each chemo. A textured one for a "bumpy" day...we spent some time this evening getting caught up. I look forward to showing Piper all that she has gone through when she is older...its an amazing way to remember what she has accomplished.

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