Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to the Hospital.

Well, we thought we would be home for Thanksgiving, but Piper had other plans. This morning squirt woke up feeling a little warm and fussy so we did what any parent of a 4 month old little girl would do...give 'em Lortab and off to lala land. Ok, so most parents would not do that, at least I hope they wouldn't, but Piper is a special case. As the day went on her little body got hotter and hotter and she hit a temperature of 38.6, that's Celsius and if I had my cell phone I could give you the number in farenheit to the 5th decimel place but we will call it 101.5 or greater. The doctors told us to get to the emergency room at Scottish Rite, so I took off from work met Susanna and off we went. Her temperature when we got here was 102.9 or 38.9 celsius, we are learning the metric system throughout this ordeal, and we spent a few hours in the emergency room before we were brought back to the Aflac Inpatient Unit. Piper's blood counts were really low as well meaning her body could not fight off any infection or virus that she may have come in contact with so we will be here for at least a couple of days, which means for Thanksgiving too, until her fever goes away and her counts come back up. We are still waiting on the results of her blood cultures to see if she has a bacterial infection which take about 24 hours, so tomorrow afternoon. There is always a chance we could come home for Thanksgiving, but the odds are looking pretty slim. Well, thanks to all of ya'll who have been praying for the little booger adn watching our big booger when we can't. We are very appreciative to all of the people who are supporting us through this time in our lives. Please keep little Piper in your prayers.


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