Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Feasts and fancy faces.

Check out Linleys hairbow if you can...One of my moms super talented friends makes Turkey Hairbows out of ribbon and googly eyes. You can only imagine how sweet it looks in Linley hair...and you will see more of them on Piper on Thanksgiving!

Just a quick note to let you all know that Piper is doing just fine. She is on day 4 of 5 of the Etoposide and Cyclophosphamide (no, I dont have this med memorized, I have it written in my notes so not to misspell it.) So far so side effects or reactions except a lack of desire for sleep but frankly I am pretty sure it is just Pipers body and mind realizing that Mommy will hold her if she is loud enough. She is perfectly happy while awake and looks wonderfully, edibly chubby. She is such a little bundle of joy...especially after a good nights sleep. (for mommy and her)
Linley had her preschools Thanksgiving Feast today and Chad and I were both able to make it. They sang songs and ate yummy food and ran around like wild children...what a lovely and busy time! Linleys teacher and I were able to sit down and chat about how Linley has been doing, both emotionally and educationally and Mrs Dawn feels confident that Linley is doing well in every aspect. What a relief to hear, especially when I so miss out being a part of her day to day life....But just another example of how I still feel the Lords hand on all of us in the midst of the junk.


  1. so so glad linley is doing so well! that is def by God's grace ;) I will keep up praying!

  2. Wonderful update! So glad Linley is doing well, and smart little Piper to figure out how to get some extra snuggles in. ;)