Friday, November 13, 2009

sweet miracle baby

Just a quick note to let you guys know that Piper is continuing to do wonderfully. We have completed both weeks of the HD Methotrexate. We were forwarned of many side effects the first go-round and then this last Monday when we admitted the Nurse Practitioner, with a serious look, told me that this week would be difficult and that we would not be going home because of the "inevitable" diaper rash, mouth sores and/or fevers which can trigger infections. I spoke to the father of another little boy who did HD methotrexate last year and he said that his son had such bad mouth sores he ended up in ICU...on day 5 of the first dose. While my heart breaks for this little guy (who is cute as a button), I cant help but thank the Lord for protecting Piper from so much already. My sweet girl continues to laugh in the face of side effects...her diaper rash looks BETTER than it did when she went in on Monday. Her mouth is a little red but no sores or pain while sucking. And she has still not spiked a fever. Phases like "miracle baby" and "rock star" as often heard in our room.
Because of her flying through this week we were allowed to bring her home AGAIN until Monday. And last night, Linley was allowed to sleep over at the hospital with Chad, Piper and myself. Not much sleep was had but the little I grabbed was wonderfully blissful. And for those of you who are local, Chad and myself will be doing our interview on Star94 on Saturday at 10:15 so listen out for us if you can. If you are not in the Atlanta area I am pretty sure you can hear us on the radio but the how-to's are beyond me.
We go back on Monday at 11:30am after we drop Linley off at preschool. I have asked some friends and family to join me at the hospital each day for support and other family and friends to help me out with Linley care after preschool and before Chad gets home from work. If you are interested in helping us out please let me know when you are free so I can keep a running tally of who is available and when. Keep up all the prayers...I have felt them so strongly this week.


  1. Amazing! So thankful! Wish I could do something to help... anything I can do from a distance?

  2. i would def. be willing to help in any way possible. need help with linley? no problem. i jut got a new job a a bank that i will start some time within the next week and a half so i will be available anytime before then and ill let you know my schedule after i start if you are interested in me helping with her! i cant wait to here yall on the radio! im so happy for piper! shes doing so great it sounds like! cant wait to see yall again! love yall!

  3. We would love, love, love to help y'all out with Linley! just give me a call when you need a slot filled in!! 404-578-2131
    <3 Ida

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  5. Hey! Glad to hear Piper is doing so well!!! Please let me know whatever I can do to help...678-860-3646.