Monday, November 9, 2009

Rock on 80's

Not much good came out of the 80's as far as clothing or in some peoples opinions, music. But I have seen all the preteens and teens rocking the 80's wear again...from sideways ponytails to neon pants to ripped shirts to white lined sunglasses. And I am not impressed. Until my little girl put on her very own pair of legwarmers and I have to say that those little chubby legs are just edible in them. Dont you agree???

On a more serious note, we were admitted to the hospital today. Pipers second round of HD methotrexate and Leucovorin began tonite and this week should be a rough one. The Dr has told us that she will "inevitably" get mouth sores, bottom breakdown and a fever. We, of course are praying that her little body keeps trucking along with as little complications as possible. Today we got a visit from some of the Atlanta Thrasher hockey team and Piper gazed very adoringly at "Thrash" (the bird mascot). Lots of pictures were taken and we were given 6 tickets to the game on Sunday! Very exciting! Also, apparently our family (Chad and I) were nominated to do an on air interview this weekend for a local radio station called Star94. They are doing a radio-fundraiser for Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta and I think that Chad and I are going to do it. We will let you know more when we know more but are excited to spread the word about what an amazing hospital this is and what wonderful nurses/doctors/staff they employ.


  1. PRECIOUS!! loving the legwarmers :) Praying this morning for Piper, of course... but also that you will be given many opportunities to speak out with wisdom and grace so that your family's struggle can continue to change other people's lives.

  2. Love the leg warmers! Makes me smile and think of Jane Fonda in her aerobic phase.

    Will be praying for wisdom and grace for your radio interview. I know this is a long road and I can only get a glimpse of the difficulties you struggle with. Know my prayers and thoughts are with your family,that He will be a light unto your path and sustenance for the days ahead.

    Thaks for the updates. I'm sure it is hard to find time but they are so helpful.

  3. Love the leg warmers!! now if only her hair was long enough for a side ponytail!! Hope this week goes better than the doctors say. Have you heard of Ultra Flora Plus(acidophollus)?? It's the benefial bacteria that can help stomachs and ulcer-ish problems?? I put in henry's bottles a lot and garrett's. you can get it a health food stores, like peachtree natural and that one on 78 near the wood furniture store in snellville. ask your doctors if it would help any. just a suggestion. praying for you all and that's awesome about star94. i love cindy and ray! (p.s it says my husband's name, but it's becki van der walt)

  4. pretty soon yall will be famous :) just don't forget us little people :) he he!

    ps. love the legwarmers! I have a pair for jackson, but don't know if little boys are allowed to wear them or not?

    pss. I am praying that the Lord would see fit to give piper the least amount of complications in this next phase!