Monday, November 16, 2009

Okay today.

Chad and I have been feeling a little bit stressed out here lately...not stressed to the max, because I am fairly certain I no longer have a stress capacity, but stressed none the less. And so this morning after dropping Linley off at preschool (which I miss doing so very much) we took Piper out for breakfast on the way to being admitted for 5 days of chemo. As we were sitting at a light I turned in my seat to look at Piper and saw this


written in huge words on the side of a random building near a fancy-smancy mall. Totally out of place and for a minute I thought I was seeing something. ( along with losing my low stress capacity I am also slowly loosing my mind) But was there. Loud and Clear. And I tuned back to Chad and pointed and we smiled and talked about how it hit home.

And now my sweet husband has left the hospital and calls to tell me that on his way out of the parking deck he was waiting in line behind a BMW with the exact same phase in the exact same font and it was just there for us. Why do I know this? Because I never get to hear God in the awesome ways others do through dreams or visions. Or by reading His Word and gaining some amazing insight. Maybe I am too hurried to find God where He is but I have to say with all confidence that He always finds me. Sometimes He even writes things down...letter by letter to let me know that Everything Is Going To Be Okay. Not perfect. Not easy...but Okay. And I am Okay with that.